Dart flights – Various Types and Their Uses

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Dart flight is an important part of the dart, which comes in different textures and shapes. Each type serves for different applications in the game. For instance, small flights with a smooth surface will help darts to cut through the air faster. Along with choosing the right kind of dart flight, you can choose an option from custom dart flights, as per your preference. 

Standard Flights

Standard dart flights are most commonly used and larger in size. Such a flight is a great option for the players who can play with less force and prefer to lob the darts. The standard flight is also an ideal option to combine with heavier steel tip darts or darts with longer shafts. Heavier darts need less force to throw it towards the board and standard flights help keep the darts upward for a lighter throw. While cutting through the air, the dart gets stabilised and straightened with the standard flights. 

Slim Flights

These flights are smaller than the standard and perfect for the players who do not prefer to lob their throws. Players who tend to use soft tip darts get benefitted with the slim flights. Light-weight soft tip darts are required to be thrown harder to hit the target, which is supported by the slim flights. Besides, smaller flights are great to help you reduce the bounce out rates and help you maintain accuracy. It also decreases the chances of damage to flights, especially if the darts contain short shafts. 

Smooth and Textured Flights

Smooth flights have the ability to move through the air easily, avoiding drag. It is the perfect option for the players who seek for a flight to avoid a lot of drag. These flights are available in a wide variety of shapes. While the smooth flight is a flight preferred by the players because it cuts through the air quickly, the textured flight is opposite to it. It creates a lot of drag and slows down the motion. 

Apart from this, you can find dart options like pear, vortex, combat, fantail, kite, lantern and more.