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Why warehouse inventory insurance?

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The main advantages of motorcycling

You have several transport options to get on the road. One chooses to use the motorcycle where the other prefers to go by car. That of course also depends on whether you have a car or motorcycle driver’s license at all. Because of course you cannot get on the bike with your car driver’s license. The differences are big and you also have other rules that you have to adhere to. In addition, there is little chance that you can start an engine if you do not know what to do. We would like to give you a number of advantages of riding a motorcycle so that you too may choose a motorcycle in the future.


The freedom you experience on the road is unbeatable. This is because you are out of control on your motorcycle, you feel the wind and the outside air, but with a helmet on. In addition, an engine is less bulky than a car. Ideal for connoisseurs. Many people choose to tour with a motorcycle because you can drive around independently of each other. In principle you do not do this with a car. You are often already in the car with 3 or 4 people. With the motorcycle you can drive with a maximum of 2 people.



It is logical that you can go fast with a motorcycle. You have a lot of power and your engine is less heavy than a car. The moment the traffic light turns green, you are off! You are gone before the cars realize it. It is wise to keep to the speed rules because you are more vulnerable on a motorcycle.



The real enthusiasts repair their motor themselves or order parts. For example, it is advisable to opt for Honda motorcycle speedometer repair when necessary for your motorcycle.

used mini buses

Essential Information about Used Mini Buses

Buying a vehicle is a considerable investment. It requires planning and careful thought before making the final decision. For a better investment, it is critical to make a wise choice of the vehicle. Consider a motor vehicle that will suit your individual preferences and your particular requirements. Understanding your need is paramount to deciding the used minibus to buy. If you consider purchasing a used automobile, consider what you want to do with the vehicle. The vehicle usage will determine the kind of used vehicle to buy, with the right seat capacity. If you need a car to transport a considerable group of people, then a used minibus is not only the best choice, but it is also an affordable option. There are a number of used minibuses available in the market today that are cost-effective and give you value for your money. This article provides you with all the details you need to know about used minibuses.

used mini buses

Used Mini Buses

The minibuses are characteristic of their ideal layout. They are small and sleek, compared to large seating capacity buses, but they offer unlimited comfort to passengers. They are the best option for long-distance trips that need sitting for long hours. People hardly notice long distances because of the convenience the buses offer.

Minibuses can be convenient for people touring different parts of the country in small groups. People who want to visit museums, game parks or go for sightseeing will find them very useful. They are suitable for ferrying smaller groups like families or workmates or small church groups.

Benefits of used vehicles

There are various benefits that come with buying used vehicles. It is possible to make huge savings from buying used shuttles as compared to the new ones. When you choose an excellent car dealer, you can get a low priced vehicle for high-quality service. You may get the shuttle bus you want for a third of what you would spend on a new one. Depending on the usage of the vehicle, you may benefit more in used buses than new ones. You may not need to use the bus every day. After spending little money on the bus, not using it every day is an added advantage. You do not have to use a lot of money on a brand new vehicle when you are not using it every day. For instance, a group of people who travel within the city once a week, a used car will serve them well.

used mini buses

Used vehicles are preferable because of their quick delivery. Because of custom specifications, it may take several months before you get a new bus. However, it is possible to find a reconditioned bus ready for sale in only a few days. If you want to buy a used bus within a short time, then a used vehicle in perfect condition should be your first choice. After identifying the minibus you need from a reputable dealer, the paperwork to exchange ownership of the minibus is simpler and straightforward compared to purchasing a new minibus.

Factors to Consider before Buying the Right used Bus.

Reputable Dealer services

Before buying your used minibuses, be sure that you are making a worthwhile investment. Certain factors will help you in making that choice. Begin by considering who is selling the van to you. If you choose an established company, they will offer you after-sales service. They can provide the best services with ideal solutions. Established companies also have reliable suppliers. They can organise for spare parts at reasonable prices. That will ensure your bus is always in an excellent working condition.

Additionally, experienced companies will transform your vehicle to meet your varied needs. For instance, they can turn your bus to be ideal for people with special needs. Therefore, when choosing a minibus dealer, find one that is not only established but also reputable to offer after-sales services to your satisfaction.

used mini buses


It is also essential to consider a company with a wide range of products. That will assure you of different transport solutions. It is critical to know that you will get a vehicle that meets your specifications. You want to be sure you will get a used minibus that suits your needs. For instance, should you need minibuses with enough legroom or a cosy and a spacious interior, you should find a dealer with a variety of used vehicles for sale to choose from. The reputation of the company is also essential. A reputable company will provide you with quality services. They will also offer a variety of options that will meet your needs.

The Condition of the minibuses is Paramount

One of the things you need to consider when purchasing used mini buses is the engine. You need to consider the functionality of the engine. Also, keep in mind that the vehicle will consume gas depending on the size of the engine. An engine that is functioning well and will not make you overspend on gas is the best for you. Also, mileage is very critical when choosing a vehicle. When you are selecting a minibus, the key factor should be the number of miles it has covered.

used mini buses

Choosing the right vehicle will also mean you look at the history and documentation. The right dealer will have the vehicle title as well as the services record. That is critical and will help you know whether the minibus was always on repair. It is not advisable to choose a used vehicle that has no title or service record. Find out whether you can get either the manufacturer or the dealership warranty. A bus in reasonable condition should have the dealer’s service contract. It will give you peace of mind to know that you are buying a vehicle in good condition. It means the dealer trusts what they are selling to you.

Brinell test

Theoretical Review of the Brinell Test

Brinell test is a method used to determine the hardness of metals in forming operations using a spherical indenter. It mostly tests materials with coarse structures or those with rough surfaces that cannot be tested using any other method. This testing method leverages high test loads of about 3000 kgf and a diameter indenter of 10mm. This ensures that the indentation averages both the sub-surface and surface inconsistencies of Brinell hardness (HBW). The selection of the ball diameter has to be done in a way that allows the indent to cover the largest portion of the working area as defined by ISO 6506 and ASTM E10 standards. Resulting impressions from the application of the encoded test load to fixed measurements of carbide ball is measured with an optical system of a Brinell microscope.

Brinell test

The Test Method

Most errors in a Brinell test result from indentation measurements. This is due to operator disparities, meaning that results can still vary even in the most suitable situations. In worse cases, the variations can be more pronounced. Most times, when getting the testing surface ready, a grinder is used to get rid of the surface conditions. It has serrated edges, which can create ambiguous indentation when interpreting. In the past years, two technologies have been developed to help in countering errors in Brinell measurements. One of them is the B.O.S.S system, which uses image analysis to interpret indentations consistently. The other is Brinell units, which rely on ASTM E103 in measurements. This one gives repeatable outcomes. The only drawback of this testing method is that the indent size must be measured optically, meaning that the test point has to be completed well for accurate measurements.

Brinell test

Construction during Covid-19 in the Netherlands

In this article we outline the effect of the Dutch government’s COVID-19 measures on construction projects in the Netherlands, as well as the possibilities for relief under Dutch law and the UAC 2012, the general conditions most commonly used in Dutch construction projects.

What measures has the Dutch government taken?
On the 15th of May, the government closed several public places such as museums, concert halls, theatres, bars, restaurants, coffee shops and sports clubs. Now bars and restaurants and sports clubs are slowly opening again. Everyone has to keep a distance of at least one and a half metres from each other. Also in bars and restaurants. Another is a ban on gatherings, including those of less than 100 people. People are alowed to come together in groups of 10, but they need to keep distance.

It seems, however, that construction companies cannot be fined pursuant to that order, since a construction site is not a public area. A survey conducted by the Netherlands Trade Union Confederation (FNV) among its members revealed that it is difficult to always observe the above distance rule on construction sites, due to a lack of supervision and the fact that it is often necessary for workers to work within less than 1.5 metres of each other. For this reason among others, several employer and employee organisations called for customised measures for the construction industry. Accordingly, the government and the construction sector adopted “Samen veilig doorwerken“, a protocol on safe working practices on construction sites under the present circumstances.

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Dart flights – Various Types and Their Uses

Dart flight is an important part of the dart, which comes in different textures and shapes. Each type serves for different applications in the game. For instance, small flights with a smooth surface will help darts to cut through the air faster. Along with choosing the right kind of dart flight, you can choose an option from custom dart flights, as per your preference. 

Standard Flights

Standard dart flights are most commonly used and larger in size. Such a flight is a great option for the players who can play with less force and prefer to lob the darts. The standard flight is also an ideal option to combine with heavier steel tip darts or darts with longer shafts. Heavier darts need less force to throw it towards the board and standard flights help keep the darts upward for a lighter throw. While cutting through the air, the dart gets stabilised and straightened with the standard flights. 

Slim Flights

These flights are smaller than the standard and perfect for the players who do not prefer to lob their throws. Players who tend to use soft tip darts get benefitted with the slim flights. Light-weight soft tip darts are required to be thrown harder to hit the target, which is supported by the slim flights. Besides, smaller flights are great to help you reduce the bounce out rates and help you maintain accuracy. It also decreases the chances of damage to flights, especially if the darts contain short shafts. 

Smooth and Textured Flights

Smooth flights have the ability to move through the air easily, avoiding drag. It is the perfect option for the players who seek for a flight to avoid a lot of drag. These flights are available in a wide variety of shapes. While the smooth flight is a flight preferred by the players because it cuts through the air quickly, the textured flight is opposite to it. It creates a lot of drag and slows down the motion. 

Apart from this, you can find dart options like pear, vortex, combat, fantail, kite, lantern and more.

Things to take care of before visiting the Netherlands

Are you going on a holiday to the Netherlands? Then there are a few things you should take care of before you embark on your travels. In this blog we will tell you all about those, so be sure to read on.

Get a rental car

Car rental Netherlands is easy to find, cheap and definitely recommended. This is because the country is not very large and thus very easy to explore fully. However, if you have to do so by public transport, it will be hard to swiftly hop from sight to sight. With a car however, this becomes trivial. Hence, it is recommended to have a rental car when visiting the Netherlands!

Pick the towns you want to visit

If you’ve chosen the Netherlands as a country to visit on your holidays, it is a good idea to realize that the architecture typical to the Netherlands is different from town to town. Although there are many similarities, most of these towns are still quite unique. So, do your research and make a list of the ones that sound the most attractive to you. There is much more to see beyond the canals of Amsterdam, you know!

Bring a rain jacket

The Netherlands can be beautiful in summer, but a furious downpour is never far away in this tiny nation. Because of this it is a good idea to bring a rain jacket with you, even when the weather looks nice!

Going well prepared

We hope that the aforementioned advice will help you easily prepare for your trip to the Netherlands. We hope that you will enjoy your stay and there is actually no doubt in our minds that you shall. Good luck preparing and have fun when you’re finally there!

flight gift

Corporate gift experience

If you are looking for a great corporate gift experience then you landed on the right article. In this article we will give you some examples of travels with clients made by using the travel gift card. The travel gift card is a gift card that can be used for travel purpose. It’s easy to buy and a lot of clients are buying them for relationships with other clients. The voucher can be used in two years and can be turned in 300 different travel companies. Therefore you know for sure that the card will be a success. If you have any questions regarding the gift gard or the corporate gift experience below, feel free to contact me!

flight gift card

Wonderful trip to the Netherlands

For the christmas i have received a big travel gift card. We already decided immediately to use the card for an awesome trip to the Netherlands. Because we had the voucher we could nearly fly for free and that made the trip a way better. I was really happy and this gift card made my holiday. So if you looking for a gift card to impress your clients or workers, then it’s recommendable to use the travel gift card. If you decide to use this card, you will know for sure that the one that receive the gift card will have an wonderful time and a great experience.

flight gift

More information about the card?

If you want more information about the card, then it’s good to contact the company that sells them. Flight card is a company that provide flight cards over decades and you know for sure that you will buy a gift card that can be turned at 300 different travel companies. The gift card of nowadays are hard to turn in because they are only applicable at a few companies, but if you decide to buy them through this company you will be assured that the your voucher will be applicable at 300 different companies. This is of course great because nothing is more annoying than booking a trip when you couldn’t use the voucher.

music bookings

Looking for a company that is specialized in music bookings?

Looking for a company that is specialized in music bookings? Entertainment company Evenses is the best choice for you. We work together with more than hundreds of solo musicians, bands, singers and DJ’s.

Solo musicians

Organising a small party? With a soloist, your party will have a special atmosphere. At Evenses you can hire one of the following soloists:
  • Pianist Lee John
  • Chris and the Showgirls
  • Andy P The Soul Man
  • Classical Pianist Harm
  • Live Saxophonist
  • Simon Gars


Want to hire a band for your party? Evenses offers cover bands, party bands, jazz bands, soul bands and rock bands. Check out our list at our website.

Female singer

Want to hire a female singer for your party? Evenses offers you unique female singers for every event or party. You can hire a singer that plays your favourite music genre, like pop, blues, jazz or classical. At Evenses you can book the following female singers:
  • Suzanna Dee
  • Liza Baker
  • Shona Elisabeth
  • Pianist Lara


Evenses works together with the best Dutch DJ’s worldwide. Also, in the UK we have a list of DJ’s that will turn your party into a real dance event. A selection of some DJ’s you can book:
  • Fedde Le Grand
  • Alvaro
  • Mobile DJ ‘Move’
  • DJ Maximuss
  • DJ Kix
  • DJ Erase
  • DJ Mac T

music bookings

Reduce burrs with a deburring machine

Are you using industrial machines for laser-, water jet- or plasma cutting? Then likely you are aware of the issues caused by wear and tear on your machines and products. During the process burrs can appear. These burrs are not only reducing the quality of your products but can also damage your machines. All these problems can easily be solved with a deburring machine from Q-fin.

Machines with A-components

Q-fin is specialized in designing and developing deburring machines. Our team of experienced industrial experts develops deburring machines in-house. We only offer machines with A-components from a very high quality. At Q-fin we developed a deburring machine that removes all the sharps and burrs. This machine even removes the invisible burrs. Our innovative machine produces smooth edges to your products.

Want to know more about our deburring machine?

Integrating a deburring machine into your production process will lead to a big change. Your products will have a smoother and more aesthetic look and the production process will be more fast and efficient. And as you know an efficient production process saves time and money. Want to know more about our deburring machine? Then take a look at our website or contact us for more information.