music bookings

Looking for a company that is specialized in music bookings?

Looking for a company that is specialized in music bookings? Entertainment company Evenses is the best choice for you. We work together with more than hundreds of solo musicians, bands, singers and DJ’s.

Solo musicians

Organising a small party? With a soloist, your party will have a special atmosphere. At Evenses you can hire one of the following soloists:
  • Pianist Lee John
  • Chris and the Showgirls
  • Andy P The Soul Man
  • Classical Pianist Harm
  • Live Saxophonist
  • Simon Gars


Want to hire a band for your party? Evenses offers cover bands, party bands, jazz bands, soul bands and rock bands. Check out our list at our website.

Female singer

Want to hire a female singer for your party? Evenses offers you unique female singers for every event or party. You can hire a singer that plays your favourite music genre, like pop, blues, jazz or classical. At Evenses you can book the following female singers:
  • Suzanna Dee
  • Liza Baker
  • Shona Elisabeth
  • Pianist Lara


Evenses works together with the best Dutch DJ’s worldwide. Also, in the UK we have a list of DJ’s that will turn your party into a real dance event. A selection of some DJ’s you can book:
  • Fedde Le Grand
  • Alvaro
  • Mobile DJ ‘Move’
  • DJ Maximuss
  • DJ Kix
  • DJ Erase
  • DJ Mac T

music bookings

Reduce burrs with a deburring machine

Are you using industrial machines for laser-, water jet- or plasma cutting? Then likely you are aware of the issues caused by wear and tear on your machines and products. During the process burrs can appear. These burrs are not only reducing the quality of your products but can also damage your machines. All these problems can easily be solved with a deburring machine from Q-fin.

Machines with A-components

Q-fin is specialized in designing and developing deburring machines. Our team of experienced industrial experts develops deburring machines in-house. We only offer machines with A-components from a very high quality. At Q-fin we developed a deburring machine that removes all the sharps and burrs. This machine even removes the invisible burrs. Our innovative machine produces smooth edges to your products.

Want to know more about our deburring machine?

Integrating a deburring machine into your production process will lead to a big change. Your products will have a smoother and more aesthetic look and the production process will be more fast and efficient. And as you know an efficient production process saves time and money. Want to know more about our deburring machine? Then take a look at our website or contact us for more information.

Business opportunities in The Netherlands

For every foreigner interested, there are a lot of business opportunities in The Netherlands. We from ‘Set up your Dutch company’ have a lot of experienced specialists who set up many Dutch companies before. As a foreign, you are able to open your company on distance and still benefit from the lot of business opportunities the Netherlands has to offer.


Once you’ve starting up your business, you will run into the Dutch Chamber of Commerce, called ‘Kamer van Koophandel” in Dutch. This institution has the tools for starting up your business easily and provides in all the needed information about business opportunities.

The Kamer van Koophandel offers different possible legal forms for choosing your business structure;

– One- person business, called ‘eenmanszaak’

– Partnerschip,  called ‘vennootschap onder firma’

– Limited partnerschip,  called ‘commanditaire vennootschap’

– private company, called ‘besloten vennootschap’

The private company or ‘besloten vennootschap’ is the most common Dutch company structure because there are almost no requirements and comes with several benefits. Also, the Dutch tax office offers attractive tax breaks for new business owners. For more information about the many business opportunities in the Netherlands please contact our experienced ‘Setup your Dutch company’ team.